What the anatomy of exciting bumper stickers looks like

Bumper stickers have always been popular among car owners, especially since they are considered a form of creative expression. While funny quotes and pictures are typically what most car owners will opt for, bumper stickers can also be used to declare your affinity towards a favourite brand or football club, among other things. While bumper stickers are commonly used to personalise one’s vehicle, it can also be a form of branding exercise with immense potential.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of commissioning bumper sticker printing for your business is that the message you’re trying to convey won’t be limited to one place. Instead, it will travel wherever the car goes, hence amplifying its reach. Not only can custom bumper stickers be useful for businesses, they can also be used by charities, educational institutions, community groups, band, sports organisations and other such outfits that would benefit from publicity. These are also an economical form of marketing investment in comparison to traditional forms of marketing such as newspaper and radio advertisements.

The key to successful bumper sticking printing lies in the design that is used. Hence, try using a design that is catchy and attracts attention easily. A catchy design will also be more useful since you have little time to attract attention to your sticker whilst on the road. More often than not, using interesting pictures in your bumper sticker design does the trick, since it breaks the monotony on the road, much like how an engaging billboard would.

Avoid placing all emphasis on your brand logo in a bumper sticker design. While it does help with brand recall, it doesn’t necessarily attract attention like exciting designs would, since other drivers on the road are likely to ignore it since it feels like an advertisement. Instead, make use of succinct messages, since they would be easier to read and grasp even whilst other people may be driving.

Needless to add, since you are on the road, your audience will have little time to read the message. But you also need to consider the distance between your sticker and the audience, especially when choosing the font. Not only should the font size be big, you must also select font style that are clearer to read. Hence, block letters might be a better idea than using cursive fonts, since they are easier to misread. The last thing you need is your audience completely misunderstanding the message you were trying to convey!

Finally, experiment with design shapes. You don’t need to limit yourself to conventional squares and rectangles, making this one area you must be creative with. A creative bumper sticker garners more eyeballs, which will then increase your return on investment.

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